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Buying the right clothes for your curvy figure can be tricky. After all, most of the regular brands don’t have enough sizes and there are very few that specialize in plus size clothing. In this post, we will talk about styling and fashion with regards to plus sizes. These are the things you need to know, regardless of the size you wear!

The Basics:

1. First things first, don’t wear black because it makes you look thinner. While the concept itself isn’t bad, it’s passé and doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instead, look for colors that really flatter you and are trending everywhere, including pastels, pinks and even stripes.

2. Don’t wear loose or ill-fitting undergarments. Look for a size that fits you, and if required, go to a good store and ask their sales staff to help you. There are so many different kinds of bras and panties that are meant for plus size women.

3. Don’t fit in. The right outfit will fit you, and not the other way around. Make sure that you try brands that make women plus size clothing in particular. If you are ordering online, you can always order two near sizes to find the one that accentuates your curves.

4. Invest in shapewear. Shapewear doesn’t only reduce your body size to some extent, but also helps in toning the body, so that you can wear the best dresses without that protruding belly. The sizes can be different, so take a close look at what might fit you.

5. Say no to body shaming. People are entitled to their opinion, and there is no harm in seeking help from others who may know more about fashion. However, do not encourage anyone who makes fun of your body type or shape.

Styling Tips:

1. Don’t wear clothes that are baggy. A better idea is to go for a fitting session. Just buy a size larger than yours, and you can choose to get it styled according to your needs.

2. Choose your materials wisely. If you aren’t comfortable with the material, you will feel unhappy the whole time. Unless it’s an occasion, stick to natural fabrics to the best possible extent.

3. Go for accessories. There are all sorts of accessories in the market, depending on what you need. Invest in handbags, statement jewelry and other things like stoles and scarves that never go out of fashion.

4. Buy nice heels. Heels add an element of height, which can make your legs look slimmer. You might want to go for wedges, which are more comfortable, but make sure that you have a pair of high heels too.

5. Lastly, get yourself a few good dresses. Dresses don’t really go out of fashion, and you will find all sorts of options, depending on what you like to wear. Go for cold shoulders, polka dots, stripes and pastel shades that are really in vogue these days.

Style your closet today, and you can always thank us later because we made it easy!

Trying to figure out how to get your kids away from the television or PlayStation, but do not know how? Why not get them outside with a new trampoline! Trampolines for kids are an excellent way to add fitness as well as fun to their play time.

There are so many different choices in trampolines for children that it is difficult to know what kind of trampoline would be the best, and safest, for your kids. They also range in prices from expensive to the affordable ones. To be able to make the best choice, there are a number of different aspects to consider.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best trampoline for kids:

Tip 1- Before you purchase your first trampoline; Make sure that the one you buy fits the purpose of why you are buying one. Pick a trampoline that is a good size for your kids. If you have a toddler, a 14 foot trampoline might not be the best way to go. If you have an older child who is very athletic and energetic, you will want to make sure that you get one that is big enough for them to be able to jump around on comfortably and have plenty of space.

Tip 2- Make sure that you have enough room for the kind of trampoline that you are wanting to purchase. For safety purposes, you should make sure that there is plenty of room for clearance around and over the trampoline. The trampoline should be far enough away from anything like trees and bushhes, lawn furniture, children's toys and other objects. Also make sure that there is not anything over the top of the trampoline. For kids that like to jump as high as they can, and learn flips and tricks, you need to have a good position where they will not hit their heads on anything while jumping. Most importantly, always put your trampoline on a level area. You always want your kids to be safe while they are having fun.

Tip 3. If you have a youngger kid that you are buying a trampoline for then you should consider getting one that has gripping handles. Trampolines for much smaller children can come with special handles for the kids to hold onto while they are jumping so they can maintain their balance until they get better. These types of trampolines also usually come with enclosures so that if they lose their balance, they will not be able to fall off and get hurt.

Power tools are indispensable for professionals and those who tackle DIY home improvement jobs. They are favored as they help users to save time and they also make the job easier. However, they need to be handled carefully otherwise they can lead to injury. Mishaps usually occur due to negligence, boredom, and overconfidence. By keeping the following 10 safety issues in mind, it is possible to work satisfactorily and safely with power tools.

1. Safety glasses: These prevent dust, debris, wood shavings, shards from fiberglass, etc from getting into the eyes. Safety glasses are one of the most basic pieces of safety equipment that must be used when working with power tools.

2. Protection for the ears: Power tools can generate a lot of noise, which may sound louder in the cloistered environment of a workshop; In order to minimize damage to the ears, it is advisable to wear earplugs.

3. Knowing the right tools for the job: It is important to know the right tools for the job in order to avoid injury to oneself and damage to the materials. To this end, it is advisable to thoroughly read the instruction manuals provided with the equipment and get familiar with the recommended safety precautions.

4. Correct method of using tools: Tools should not be carried by their cords; Tools that are not in use should be disconnected; And while handling a tool connected to a power source, fingers should be kept away from the on / off switch.

5. The right clothes: Long hair should be tied and loose clothing should be avoided. Ideally, clothing that covers the entire body should be worn and heavy gloves should be used in order to avoid sharp implements and splinters from hurting the hands. Masks prevent inhalation of harmful minute particles of the material that is being worked upon. Steel-toed work boots and hard hats can also be worn.

6. Tool inspection: Power tools should not be employed in wet environments and should never be dipped in water; They should be checked periodically for exposed wiring, damaged plugs, and loose plug pins. Nicked cords can be taped but if a cut appears to be deep, a cord should be replaced. Tools that are damaged or those that sound and feel different when used should be checked and repaired.

7. Cleanliness in the work area: This should be maintained because accumulated dust particles in the air can ignite with a spark. Of course, flammable liquids should be kept covered and away from the place where power tools are being used. An uncluttered work area also makes it easy to maneuver the power tool; Often distractions caused by a tangled cord can result in an accident.

8. Care with particular tools: Miter saws and table saws should be used with a quick-release clamp and a wood push-through, respectively. Extra care should be taken while using nail guns and power belt sanders.

9. Keep tools in place: Power tools should be returned to their cabinets after use to prevent them from being used by an unauthorized and disabled person.

10. Lighting: It is important to use proper lighting while working with power tools, especially when working in the basement and garage where lighting may not be satisfactory.

To the uninitiated, the Cessna 172 and Cessna 182 are indistinguishable from each other. Both are 4 seat, high wing planes with struts bracing each wing. But for pilots, they are substantially different aircraft.

The major difference between the 172 and 182 are the engines. Both have been produced for over 40 years and during that time have come from the factory with a variety of engines. Since the 172N was introduced in 1977, the factory standard engine has produced 160 hp. Prior to that 172 engines ranged from 145 to 160 hp. Many older aircraft have been upgraded in the after market to more powerful engines, including a popular 180 hp. version. All such changes are accomplished via a STC, or supplemental type certificate issued by the FAA.

Though the 182 has been powered by a several different engines, standard non-turbo models have always weighed in at 230 hp. This difference in horsepower has several implications. One is of course speed. The 182 is 15-20 knots faster than a 172. It can also climb 200 feet per minute faster. Typically aircraft with bigger engines can lift more weight too. A standard late model 172 maximum weight is 2450 lbs, a 182 3100 lbs. Not all of that difference is useful load, an empty 182 is around 300 lbs. heavier than its smaller cousin.

Not all of the differences between the 172 and 182 are as easy to quantify as specifications and performance numbers. Being heavier, the 182 is a more stable aircraft than a 172. It doesn’t bounce around quite so much, and tends to track better in the direction you want it to go. This is a good feature if you intend to do much instrument flying. (Flying in the clouds or without visual reference to the ground.)

With over 200 horsepower and a controllable pitch propeller, the 182 is also considered a high performance airplane. What this means is that additional instruction is needed to be able to fly it, both by regulation and requirements of insurance companies.

As far as price goes, a typical price for a used 1978 172 would be in the low $40,000’s, while a similarly equipped 182 would be at least $20,000 more. A 182 will be more expensive to own too. Insurance, inspections, engine overhauls and operating costs will all be more. For example, a 182 will consume about 3 gallons per hour more fuel.

None of these things makes one plane better than the other. What distinguishes a plane is how you intend to use it. If you want a simple plane that’s relatively cheap to operate, that calls for a 172. If you want to use your plane for transportation and intend to go into weather, a 182 would better suit your purpose.

Finally, as for distinguishing one plane from another, the giveaway is the nose. A 182 has a fuller cowling section to cover the larger engine and a more streamlined windscreen.

The Central Sacred Site for Emperor Zhenwu, Mount Wudang, also known as Great Harmony Mountain, lies in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. With 72 peaks, 24 ravines, 11 caves, 9 springs, 9 wells and a 1612-meter crown peak, the mountain's mystical beauty has long inspired myth and legend. Long before religious Taoism was founded, Mt. Wudang had been populated with occult masters. After religious Taoism was formed, it entered the popular imagination of Taoists.

Initiated in the 7th century during the Tang Dynasty, Taoist buildings on Mount Wudang have been destroyed and repaired repeatedly during past dynasties. In 1412, Emperor Zhudi of the Ming Dynasty hosted the largest scale construction on Mt. Wudang in order to repay the grace that the North God had obligated him. It took 8 years to complete the eight palaces, two temples, 36 shrines and 72 caves. Since then it has been the center of Emperor Zhenwu's worship. These buildings have been badly damaged by wars and fluctuations in the past 100 years, especially during the 1920s. In March 1931, troops of the Red Army under Marshal He Long quartered at Mt. Wudang, and received aid from local Taoists, many of which were cruelly suppressed and killed by the Guomindang Party after the Red Army departed.

The extant Taoist temples include Great Harmony Palace, Purple Heaven Palace, Golden Summit, Recover the Perfect Temple, and Southern Grotto Palace. Purple Heaven Palace at the foot of Unfolded Flag Cliff, which was initiated in 1413, is the largest temple on the mountain and the working place of the Mount Wudang Taoist Association. The buildings of the temple align in three rows of which the eastern one is the East Palace, the western one is the West Palace and the middle one contains the Halls of Dragon-Tiger, Ten-Direction Hall, Purple Heaven and Parents Hall. The Dragon-Tiger Hall inshrines the Dragon and Tiger Protector. Ten-Direction Hall enshrines the Divine General. Along with a 9 meter high, 90 ton stele inscribed with the tale of Emperor Zhu Di's rebuilding of Mt Wudang.

The Supreme Harmony Palace was established in 1416. The central hall enshrines a golden statue of the Emperor, along with the Eight Heavenly Masters of the Thunder Ministry on either side. Other buildings include Worship Hall, Bell-Drum Tower, Chanting Hall, Three-Element Gods Hall, and a theater. On the opposite peak, Little Lotus Peak, is a small house called Transferred Hall. It acquired its name because there was placed in it a miniature bronze temple-house on a stone altar which was donated by followers from Hubei, Henan and Zhejiang in 1307 (in the Yuan Dynasty); It was transferred from the Golden Summit according to the order of Emperor Zhudi, who thought it too small to be on the highest peak.

The Golden Summit is the top of Heaven's Pillar Peak, the mountain's tallest peak. On top of it is an all bronze hall built upon a granite terrace. It is 5.54 meters high, 4.4 meters long and 3.15 meters wide, and was constructed in 1416 using 21 tons of bronze and 30 kilograms of gold. The inner statues of the Emperor, Divine Generals of Water and Fire, and male and female escorts, as well as all the house wares also made of gilded bronze. The place shines golden indeed!

In 1413, Prince Zhudi of the Ming Dynasty raised a rebellion against his nephew, Emperor Jianwen, and usurped the throne. In order to justify his usurpation with what would appear as the will of higher powers, he had his subordinates fabricate a tale saying that the North God helped him defeat his nephew on the battlefield. After the coronation, he launched large-scale constructions on Mt. Wudang of many ceremonies dedicated to the God of War, which he ordered his people to worship. After this time the God of War became a prominent Taoist deity.

Mt. Wudang is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. The mountain lies at longitude 103 "14'15 '' — 110" 57'00 '' by latitude 32 "23'10 '' — 32" 33'06 '', and the highest peak is 1612 meters above Sea level.

Around Mt. Wudang 72 high peaks rise skyward and 24 streams flow merrily. The beautiful landscape of the place looks like a picture of magnificent scenery with a happy combination of natural beauty and human creation. Going into the Mountain, visitors can see perilous peaks, mystical caves and ancient palaces here and there. In 1982 Mt. Wudang was listed as one of the key scenic attractions in China and in 1994 it was placed by the UNESCO among the world's cultural legacies.

The ancient architectural complex of Mt. Wudang enterprises buildings erect in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties respectively. Emperor Zhu Di of the Ming Dynasty issued an Imperial edict to go in for large-scale construction on Mt. Wudang. Geomancers were sent to conduct reconnoiter; Trustful officials were sent to supervise the construction work; Skilled artisans were called on to build the palaces and temples. The design and the layout of the architectural complex reveal the concept of feudal hierarchy. All the buildings were constructed in the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, displaying the superb architectural art and the wisdom and the creativity of the laboring people in ancient China. During the regimes of the Ming Dynasty, the buildings were erected intact, but in the Qing Dynasty, quite a number of the constructions were destroyed in the flames of war. The present-day buildings are only part of the Ming Dynasty architectures.

The constructions on Mt. Wudang enjoy high reputation for their exquisite architectural art. The buildings, with rich cultural connotation, are physical evidences for the study of Chinese history of Taoism and the politics of the Ming Dynasty.

Characteristics of Mt. Wudang

1) The Unique Natural Scenery

Mt. Wudang is located at the geographical center of China with the Hanshui River running along its foot. To the south of the mountain is the vast Shennongjia primeval forest and to the north is the boundless expanse of the Danjiang Reservoir. Tianzhu Peak, the highest peak of Mt. Wudang, is 1612 meters above sea level with 72 steep peaks rise high around, anchhrouded by clouds and mists. The unique natural beauty was praised by visitors from ancient times to the present. The favorite local climate in the mountain, results in a variegated mass of plants and animals. According to a statistical data, there are 617 kinds of medicinal herbs which about 400 were recorded in the "Compendium of Materia medica" by Li Shizhen, the well-known pharmacologist in the Ming Dynasty. So Mt. Wudang enjoys the good name of "Natural Medical Storehouse".

2) The Unrivaled Imperial Palace

The construction of the ancient architectural complex of Mt. Wudang started in the Zhengguan Regime of Tang Dynasty. It was enlarged in the Song and Yuan Dynasties and in the Ming Dynasty a large-scale construction was transported out on the mountain. Emperor Zhu Di, in Yongle reign of the Ming Dynasty, decided to build the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Imperial Palace on Mt. Wudang. During the Yongle reign 200,000 builders, soldiers and artisans were mobilized and the entire project was completed after more than ten years' hard work. The magnificent complex comprated of nine palaces, eight temples, thirty-six halls, seventy-two monasteries and other buildings and bridges. The complex both has the imposing style of Imperial palace and the mood of a jeweled palace on the mountain of the immortals.

3) The Exquisite Cultural Relics

The Taoist Culture has left us rich and precious cultural relics which high grade, great varieties are seldom seen in the world. The number of the well-preserved cultural relics is over ten thousand. Since the Tang Dynasty, the Imperial courts of the feudal dynasties considered Mt. Wudang as "the place to seek the blessings of the gods". Every year the imperial kinsmen, the high officials and noble lords and the Taoist followers made Pilgrimages to the sacred mountain and held various religious ceremonies. To show their profound belief of in Taoism and hope to call down blessings of God Zhenwu, the Taoist believers offered all kinds of ritual implements and presents as tributes. Quite a number of the ritual implements were presented by the feudal courts of the past ages. Although some of the cultural relics were lost, the extant relics is a great wealth of historical cultural heritage. According to a statistical figure, the extant relics are twenty provinces and cities, reflecting unique local features. These objects provide invaluable and material material for the study of the history, metallurgy, casting, sculpture, drawing, dressing and social changes in the last four feudal dynasties.

4) The Long-standing Taoist Culture

Far away from the noisy cities, Mt. Wudang is endowed with quiet and secluded environment and beautiful natural scenery. In the long history, it was an ideal place for hermits to cultivate them through through meditation. In the Ming Dynasty, Mt. Wudang was the Taoist center in the country. So Mt. Wudang is rich in Taoist culture.

5) The Taoist Truth of Life

The whole layout of the architectural complex was based on the legendary (legend) of Zhenwu the God who had cultivated itself into immortal, which reveals the common ideology of Taoists, the Confucians and Buddhists. The Imperial Edict of Emperor Zhu Di inscribed on a stone tablet on the mountain says, "I, the sovereign has informed that the Taoist discriminates on Mt Wudang have devoted themselves to the sacred belief." They keep to vegetarian food, avoid this mortal life, And increase the numeral hindrances in the confinement. " The doctrine of Morality advocated by Lao-tzu is reflected in Taoism which could have been summed up as "Learning from practice and probing the mystery of the Universe and human's life".

Business trips to other countries are really important and this is because they keep a business operating. Some business trips last no longer than a couple of days and sometimes they involve being away for a very long time. The fact of the matter is that regardless of the amount of time that a business person is away it should always be a case of purchasing insurance. The type of insurance that is purchased is largely dependent on the frequency of travel. If your business requires that you travel infrequently then it is wise to purchase single trip travel insurance, as and when is appropriate. If business trips are frequent however it is far more cost effective to purchase annual business travel insurance. Below is information on how getting insurance could make all the difference.

There are differences in the reason between why a normal holiday may be cancelled, and why a business trip may be cancelled. With business trips there are a greater amount of factors that can relate to trip cancellation. Should such cancellation occur then it can well lead to a business becoming traumatised. Business travel insurance covers cancellation as standard.

A company that you work for is going to be kicking itself in the corporation if you fall ill when you are meant to be going on a business trip, as their representative, and main man. A good business travel insurance policy will cover the cost of being replaced with a colleague and this is generally inclusive of the cost of accommodation as well as flights.

If a person on a business trip has a PDA or a laptop with them then it is a guarantee that there will be information on that gadget that is wholly relative to the business meeting that they are attending. If this piece of equipment ends up lost or stolen then this can prove a problem. The important information is gone and that will have to be dealt with. The equipment will be replaced though if sufficient business travel insurance is in place. There is every chance that the important data is backed up though, isn’t there?

Never even consider for a single second, joining the queue of people that thought it logical to assume that business travel insurance was just another way of saying travel insurance. So many people have been caught out in this way and the reason why business travel insurance exists is because it is the bespoke insurance that you need if you are going on a business trip. That suit isn’t making you infallible, right? You got that? It is just as much likely that you will have an injury on a business trip as you will on any other type of trip. A lot of business trips are transcontinental and the Americans have got some real pricing issues when it comes to medicine. Try £25,000 for a broken leg being mended: and that’s without the crutches! If you do not have business travel insurance then you could be footing the bill for that broken foot.

There are lots of men out there who would like to get themselves a bigger penis, and this is even more true when it comes around to that time of year again – summer. All of those beach holidays to look forward to and all of that sun, sea and sand to enjoy. Except, if you have a small manhood, stripping down to your underpants is the last thing you want to do. Year after year, I suffered the embarrassment of a tiny member while all of my mates enjoyed the sun – but everything has changed this summer and it’s all thanks to natural enlargement…

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An upshot of the escalation in the availability of discount flights and budget accommodation has been that more and more Australians are heading off overseas. Combine this with increasingly hectic schedules and you see more people taking a number of shorter breaks than one or two extended holidays. As a result, Australia's frequent travelers are discovering the remarkable value of annual multi trip travel insurance. If you're buying individual single trip travel insurance policies every time you go overseas you could be spending more than you need to on your travel insurance.

To ensure that you are choosing the most appropriate cover, think about the holidays, business trips and school trips you, your partner and your family are likely to take this year. If you're planning to travel overseas more than once, then buying an annual multi trip travel insurance policy could save you both valuable time and money compared to the inconvenience and expense of taking out several single trip travel insurance policies.

Annual multi trip travel insurance is a great way to guarantee that you are covered for all your trips, even those last minute breaks. An annual travel insurance policy will also give you peace of mind as you will not find yourself in the situation where you've forgotten to ensure that your travel insurance cover is in place. Once you have bought your policy, you can sit back and relax for the next 12 months knowing that both your leisure and business trips are suitably covered.

Here are a few things to look out for when buying annual multi trip cover:

¥ What is the maximum duration you can be insured for any one trip? Most policies have a maximum number of days for leisure travel and a maximum number of days for business leisure. If you are planning to be away for longer then you should look at buying a single trip travel insurance policy.

¥ Are you too old? Most policies have a maximum age.

¥ Is there a limit to the total number of trips through the year?

¥ Does it cover business travel?

¥ Does it allow your partner or children to travel on their own?

¥ Does it cover frequent flyer points?

¥ Does it cover trips within Australia?

"Do not wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, Leave and let the sea be you." – Rumi

Scuba Diving is popular along many people. However, there are many myths about scuba diving that forms the basis of reluctance in many people towards this sport. It is high time to burst this bubble and let people know the reality and promote the sport.

Myth 1: You Can Dive Only If You Are A Good Swimmer

The truth is that you do not swim underwater like you would at the surface. Arms are useless while diving and the only propaganda you get is from the legs. You definitely do not need any swimming degree to make that gentle kick with the fins which would be enough.

Myth 2: Diving Is Only For The People Who Live In Tropics

Nothing could beat the feeling of being suspended weightlessly in clear, warm tropical water while you float along a coral reef effortlessly. But this does not mean, you could have a diver only if live in these areas. The truth is, it does not matter where you are, there would always be a popular dive site somewhere nearby. Ask anyone with the diver flag on his car and your half work is done.

Myth 3: There Is A Dangerous World Undersea

Sharks are the main reason that people are scared to be a diver at the first place. There are two important rules in scuba diving, the first one is the rule of 3Ts "Do not Touch, Take or Tease" and the second one is "never hold your breath". Follow these rules and you would be fine, though there are 2 fish that can still be aggressive: the trigger fish and clownfish. Both are extremely territorial and would protect their eggs at any cost. The trick with them is swim away but not towards the surface always keeping an eye on them.

Myth 4: I Would Need To Buy Ton Of Gear Only To Learn

Scuba Diving is a gear intensive sport, but in order to start your lessons, you only need some basics that is a mask, a pair of fins and a snorkel. All other items are easily available on rent and hence do not include much cost.

Myth 5: Nitrogen Narcosis Is Dangerous

There are no consequences as such but there can be some if its not taken seriously. At a particular depth, nitrogen becomes toxic to us. This could happen due to stress, temperature, current, visibility etc. As a beginner, you may not be able to recognize the symptoms that are where your instructor or diving buddy comes into play. But, with more and more experience, you would be able to notice the symptoms and act upon it before anything happens.

Myth 6: Scuba Diving Is Not Female Friendly

Remember Katrina Kaif in Zindagi na milegi Dobara. A female divemaster. Although men have always participated in the sport more than women, but the gap is narrowing down fast. And there's no glass ceiling to this sport. Everyone is equally capable of participating in the sport.

Myth 7: It Would Hurt My Ears

This one is true only if you do not equalize the pressure in your ears as you descend. That is the first lesson every diver is taught. It's called the Valsalva maneuver: You need to pinch your nose and blow gently against your nostrils until you feel relief.

Myth 8: Certification Would Cost Me A Fortune

It is comparable to what a lavish dinner, a few drinks and a movie would cost you. So making it about the money is a real myth, many people have in their mind. Compare the cost of scuba lessons to almost anything and you'll see it's a bargain, especially compared to lift tickets, greens fees, and the cost of that home gym collecting dust in your guest room.

Myth 9: It Is Difficult To Learn

With the professional diving instructors, all the learning materials and proven strategies, it is now very easy and simple to learn scuba diving. It is now more fun to learn than it ever was. You will be breathing under water before you even realize it making use of all the cool diving toys which would make your diving easier than you could imagine.

Myth 10: You Need To Be In Top Physical Condition

A physically fit person is a happy person. Every sport demands a physically fit body. Similarly, diving would be more fun if you are physically fit. But this is not a prerequisite. You can dive anywhere in a pool, in sea, in lake, in pond etc. So depending on your physical strength, choose a spot and go diving.

Portland Oregon, also known by other names such as “Rose Garden” and “Little Beirut” is a large city that occupies an important place in Multnomah County and has a population upwards of 500,000. The city’s location close to such notables like Seattle Washington and Vancouver makes it an attraction for students, businessmen and people looking to settle. This makes the area apartments a hot item with applications being submitted on a daily basis. To adhere to housing laws, Portland apartments conduct routine credit and rental history checks on potential tenants. This essentially means that if your credit score is low or you have a prior broken lease with a previous apartment, you may be denied an apartment in Portland Oregon.

The fact that there exists a standard practice of checking credit and rental history in Portland area apartments, it does not mean that there will not be apartments that will not work with problem applicants. While they may be few, they do exist nevertheless. Many applicants with bad credit or broken lease report a level of frustration when searching but if you fall into this category, here are a few areas with the city that you can look for second chance apartment:

  • Northwest including Pearl District
  • South West
  • Northeast
  • Southeast and more…

The reason it is difficult to locate second chance Portland apartments is because they do not get into the routine practice of advertising. One reason they do this is because they want to maintain their quality rating and also be able to keep their rates high. They also want to maintain a reputation of renting only to the most financially-stable tenants. This generally means that a casual search of apartments which approve applicants who are credit-challenged may yield disappointing results.

One method then that can be used to locate these types of apartments in Portland Oregon is learning to network. This means sharing with others who have been in similar situations. This is because they may have helpful ideas as to where one can locate an a leasing office manager who is understanding or lenient or apartments which are willing to overlook credit shortcomings. Another option is to utilize the power of the Internet to search and locate potential apartments and then call them ahead of time. You can also contact apartment locators and see whether they can offer any helpful insights as to which apartments would be willing to work with you.

It is also essential to bear in mind that even when you do find such an apartment, there will be basic requirements to meet. One is that you must have a job and have had it at least 6 months. Another is that your job must be paying you at least 3 times the amount of the rent and thirdly, you may have to go through a background check.