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One of the most popular and rapidly growing types of metal detecting is metal detecting on the beach or near the sand. Just using a regular metal detector on sand in the past has made it a lot more difficult to locate items benefit the sands surface. With some of the improvements recently in the metal detectors, if beach metal detecting is your preference the advances recently made have mad your job a lot easier.

The beach metal detector pretty much works the same way as any other metal detector but they do it with a different intent and that is in the water or around the water. Salt water contains electrolytic substances which can sometimes confuse a regular metal detector, which is why you should always consider a beach metal detector if that is going to be your main area you focus on. The beach metal detector focuses on finding true metals and metallic substances and avoids nonmetallic elements.

So how does a metal detector that is made for the beach metal detecting differ from just a typical day-to-day metal detector? With your typical everyday metal detector the salt water may pose a problem for the detector to find metallic and nonmetallic substances. The beach metal detector basically deselects metalloids and just looks for true metal objects which is the basic function of a metal detector on the beach.

The beach detector specifically looks for coins, metal bars, gold, silver, platinum, in almost anything that she could think of that would be of value. Specifically, looking for finding gold, coins, and silver is a big plus on the beach because people tend to lose coins, watches, earrings, and other types of jewelry when they are on the beach and having fun.

Beach metal detectors have their own requirements and you just read some of what you need to know if you are interested in beach metal detecting. In part two we will take a look at tips on how to purchase the best metal detector for the beach.

Aerial landscapes

These landscapes depict the land from above. Some aerial landscapes have the perspective looking straight down from above, so the painting's all land and no sky. Others have the perspective looking across, so the artist can see both the land and the sky, but from a much higher perspective. Artists travel in airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters and other modes of aerial transport to get their aerial viewpoints for their paintings.


Inscriptions are an artist's depiction of their mind as a three-dimensional space. These paintings are usually somewhat abstract or surrealist and can be quite psychologicalalytical in nature.


The focus of these paintings is rivers and the various features that run alongside them. These paintings can also focus on smaller bodies of water, such as streams and creeks.


Seascapes depict the sea or the ocean and its different features. They can include features found along the coastline, such as cliffs and beaches.


These paintings depict the surface of the moon. They can focus entirely on the lunar landscape, or they can include distant views of the Earth, Sun and stars.


The focus of cityscapes is cities or any sort of sprawling urban development. Although cityscapes can include some features similar to landscapes – you might include a natural setting such as a park, for example – the focus is on the buildings that make up the city.


Townscapes are pretty much the same as cityscapes, except they depict towns instead of cities. Like cityscapes, the focus is on the town's buildings.


These focus on the sky and its different features and formations. The colors of the sky are a key feature of this type of painting. Unlike cloudscapes, skyscapes do not necessarily have to include clouds or the land, though some do.


Unlike skyscapes, cloudscapes are all about the make-up and features of clouds. They usually include the land and the artist's view is from the ground looking up at the clouds. Although the land is often included in cloudscapes, the focus is on the clouds.


Hardscapes focus on manmade structures that cover the ground. In other words, hardscapes do not feature any exposed natural features of the ground, such as soil or grass. In these paintings, everything on the floor is manmade. These can be very similar to cityscapes and townscapes, though they do not feature parks and other natural features that cityscapes and townscapes may well feature.

Historically, when the weather got hot in American cities, the well-to-do would decamp for their beach homes where they hoped to get respite from the heat. Cool breezes and pristine beaches lured them from their affluent city dwellings. Today there are still people who can afford to have summer homes; however, public beaches have made them a destination for people of every class. There’s just something about the sea that enchants us, and on hot summer days, beaches are packed with those wishing to get away from it all for a little fun in the sun. Unfortunately, our beaches have become contaminated to the point where many of them may no longer be safe.

The problem during 2012 has been the dry conditions and infrequent rains. During dry periods, there is a build-up of contaminants, such as animal wastes and oil on roads. When a heavy rainstorm occurs, it washes the ground of all of these polluting elements which are then swept into local water sources, ultimately ending up in major rivers and the Gulf of Mexico. With this contamination comes high levels of bacteria that have necessitated swimming advisories being issued. Pretty much, it’s swim at your own risk.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a standard that’s used to test the amount of enterococci in bodies of water. These bacteria can cause infections, including diverticulitis, meningitis, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, and those of the urinary tract. The standard rates the quality of the water based on the amount of this bacteria per 100 milliliters of water, and then the water is rated good, moderate, or poor. High levels of 105 or more can cause people who swim in the water to experience gastrointestinal illnesses, mild diarrhea, skin rashes, and skin infections. This risk is greatest for small children, seniors, and those who have immune systems which have been compromised.

It is possible to install storm water separators to help reduce pollutants, but even this type of equipment cannot protect all of the water at every possible contact point, so there’s no way to keep all of our fresh water safe. Although people are free to swim at will on public beaches, they need to use caution to make sure they aren’t exposing themselves and their families to dangerous bacteria, because these bacteria are one of the unpleasant facts of modern life. Although experts will tell you that otherwise healthy people shouldn’t be affected by excessive amounts of bacteria, you still need to make wise decisions about the areas in which you swim.

Can you imagine what is life without traveling? Is it possible? Whatever your reason is, traveling is a part of people’s life. We all travel. The reason behind that is up to you.

There are different reasons why people travels:.

1.) Most People Travel because they want to see their families and friends who live far away. Invitations from families and friends are seldom so you will decide to travel just to see them.

2.) People Travel because they want to see their soul mates. Some people believe that there is only one person for them and if they haven’t had much luck searching in their area, they figured it out that even though there are millions of people around the world, they can still find it in other place.

3.) People travel to seek for work because they want to experience how to work from another place. We must admit that earning money is hard and some people decide to work abroad because they are looking for greener pasture. Other place pays bigger rates than their own place. We may also say that their expertise is not favorable in their own place. Unfortunately, they have to leave their families for awhile for a job opportunities abroad.

4.) People travel because they want to learn others cultures. They want to see the difference between their culture and other cultures. They want to learn others culture because for them traveling is fun while learning. One particular thing about the culture is the food. They want to know how food is prepared and how it is done. Obviously, we all love to eat.

5.) People travel because they are writers. They want to give the readers relevant article to their readers especially when they are making story in that particular place.

6.) People travel because they want to see all beautiful scenery of different countries. Others would want to take pictures because it serves as souvenirs.

7.) When opportunity arise, it is hard to decide whether to leave your family and open a business far away your place. Some businessmen would rather put up business in other place because they want gain and it is more profitable than staying in their place. Business is nothing without profit.

Traveling is not only for rich people. Whether you are poor or in the middle class, you can travel as long as it fits your budget. Some travel for their goals, some travel for fun and relaxation and some travel for experience.

In the modern times, the way people spend their vacations has undergone a great change. People like to spend good times with family and friend while at the same time exploring various tourist places across the globe. As a result the tourism industry across the globe has seen an unprecedented growth which in turn has also resulted in tremendous growth in the hotel and accommodation facilities.

Comfortable hotels and accommodation facilities play a very important role in popularizing any tourist destination. If a person, who is quite far away from home, gets to enjoy the same facilities and comforts as he enjoys at his home, then he is bound to become attached to the place. On the other hand if the tourist ends up at a place where the hotels and accommodation facilities are not satisfactory, it is quite likely that he might never return to that place.

Perhaps that is why, hotels and accommodation facilities being made available at different tourists spots, have shifted focus on providing maximum comfort to tourists at reasonable rates. It is also vital to provide comfortable accommodation to people from diverse economical backgrounds. While five star hotels can cater to the needs of affluent visitors, small and medium range hotels and lodging houses are available for use by a middle class traveler.

Blog reviews are also vital that information about all the hotels and accommodation facilities available in a particular tourism spot is available to people quite easily. For this there can be no better option than internet, as most tourist gain information about the hotels and accommodation facilities through this medium only. The other ways are by making booklets containing information about the hotels and accommodation facilities available at train and bus stations.

The information provided to the tourists should be detailed and correct. It should contain the information related to room rentals, types of rooms, catering services, check out times, pick and drop facilities etc. Additional information about the significant tourist spots in the area can also be provided both on the net as well as the booklets, to promote not only the hotel but the tourist spot as well.

On my second trip to San Francisco I bought a light green vintage t-shirt that said "I wish you were here." I did not even think twice about buying it. I did not try it on. I did not look at the price tag. As I packed for my third trip I made sure it was folded neatly in my bag. Unlike every article of clothing that I asked the necessity of as I attempted to downsize my luggage, this I packed without hesitation. This was my third trip to SanFransisco. The first time was with an old boyfriend when we were 21. The second time was just about eight months ago with a close friend.

This time I was visiting a friend from college, Holly, who was transferred here from New York and was only on her seventh week of residency in the Marina section of SanFransisco. Holly, without exception, is a talented person's "favorite person." She is naturally beautiful, equally inside and out, both fashionable in her introspective opinions and her ability to make simple style look genuine and sheek. By all standards, Holly is that girl that everyone can define by one word, "cool." I was drawn to her in college because of how outwardly different and inwardly similar we are. Like me she is down to earth, patient, low maintenance, strong, and reflective. Unlike me she is what her mother calls her "independent daughter." She is random in that she has a collection of friends that she has maintained through different ages and stages in her life that are very different from each other yet united by one very important and common love: Holly. I too feel successful about the variety and amount of relationships I have maintained over the years. The difference being that those people that are of a different age or at a different stage then me that I have remained close with are just not the people I call up on a Saturday night to see what they are doing. Holly does. Holly takes risks, accrues opportunity, and follows her heart. When she begins to feel comfortable with a certain place or a certain group of people … she makes a CHANGE. To her, there is not comfort in a comfort zone, there is danger. Danger in becoming closed mind to different types of people and different kinds of chances. Danger in staying still, in doing nothing, she thinks that takes no courage at all.

So SanFransisco, at this moment in time, is clearly the place for her. When I first arrived her small apartment was crowded with a few people who never met each other. They were all very different from one another, from their religion to race to sexual orientation to political affiliations. They truly embroidered each other's company immediately, curious about what the other did and loved, excited at the prospect of spending the entire night with brand new people. At first, I was a bit uncomfortable. Back home in Philadelphia the incidences of us having a get together with people that not only do not know each other, but do not know each other well are few and far between. The chance that I would walk into a party (as I did on this day) and someone would ask me what I am passionate about is extremely slim. For the first few moments of listening to these strangers converse and openly reflect on their feelings about their lives I started to feel bad about the fact that our conversations at home tend to center around wherever to go to Kildare's or the US Hotel. But I quickly realized that we do not spend as much time on these conversations because we usually know the answers, the people at my parties are usually my best friends. In many ways we look the same, act the same, and love the same things. So begins my process of trying to figure out whether this is a good thing … or a bad thing …

As we (the strangers and I) left Holly's one room apartment to head out to the bars, I commented how these living arrangements are in stark contrast to our at home. If you live alone in various parts of our city I assume it's because you have an exceptionally good job or you do not have that many friends. We live in big old houses with close friend's right down the street from all our other close friends. There are exceptions of course, our friends that have chosen to buy homes in places that are more affordable like New Jersey or the suburbs, our friends that have chosen to get married earlier and have committed to a lifestyle of going out to dinner with their " Couple "friends, having a glass of wine and coming home (that was a joke … kind of), our friends that have happily left the circle of people that at times can feel suffocating, monotonous, and dramatic. So of course the lifestyle I am about to explain is not representative of all the people my age that live in Philadelphia. But for the most part, the Californians were surprised to hear how many people our age freely choose our lifestyle. I would come to find out, that I was equally surprised to see how many people freely chose their.

In Philadelphia we barely leave our comfort zones. In our view … why the hell would we … we are very comfortable there (oh, and they hardly curse in California … another difference.) They noted on the cursing as much as they made me say words like "bad , "" Water, "and" towel "over and over again). Our circles of friends and acquaintances are filled almost entirely with people from the Philadelphia area. It is friends from high school; Friends from college, old boyfriends, friends from the shore, friends of our families, friends of our friends. When you meet someone new in your life, the chances are that they are already in someway connected with someone old. It is the familiar faces that you see in the same few bars on Main Street in Manayunk, and the same bar on Dune Drive in Avalon. The entire circle moves from their homes in Manayunk in the winter to their homes on Twenty-first street in the summer (I've been saying "one last summer" since I was twenty three … at twenty seven I've given it Up). We move in herds. We congregate in circles. We live in groups. And even pushing thirty this is yet to be uncommon, it's quite the opposite … still very desirable.

There's a shirt that they sell in the bar in Avalon that says "When I grow up I am going to go the Princeton just like my mommy and daddy did." If we continue on this path, although laughable, purchasing this shirt at some point is looking more and more likely. I thought of this shirt when one of the California people asked me about the dating scene in Philadelphia. I had to laugh at how my "dates" consist of going out with the same ten people to the same places and then seeing what happens at three in the morning. It's very difficult when you are brought up in a group of people to ever choose people and places outside your comfort zone. It's like groundhogs day … the same day over and over again. It can be frustrating, it can also be comforting. Although at times it feels lonely, it will never allow you to be alone. After many conversations with single friends in this situation we all agree that our future husbands and wives may not be staying in our present comfort zone … not for lack of effort either. There is some point when I guess you let go of the fairytale notice that we all will just grow up and marry each other and live on the same street forever happily ever after. While I can not say I have completely let go of that fantasy, we all recognize the need to "get out there" more … we just do not want to.

So if you are actively looking for your "soul mate," if you believe there is only one person you are mean to be with, you may think the chances are slim that it just happens to coincidentally be the guy that lives down the street in Manayunk or the one that stands in your corner at the Princeton. If you're looking to meet new people, start over, get a second chance, then move to SanFransisco. It's a place of new beginnings. Now you will not find a shirt there like the one at the Princeton. No one lasts long enough to establish a corner of the bar. The majority of people I met in SanFransisco were "transplanted" there, and they actually call themselves that – "transplants." They have made their friends through the jobs they moved out here for and by being set up by friends of friends who knew someone out here. They are less likely to belong to a group of friends and more likely to have a collection of different people that seem to me quite "random" and to them quite "diverse." I was so interested in all their stories, how they got here, how long they want to stay, what they'll do next. Most of them moved because of a job or because they wanted a change of scene, or they are simply bored by their lives. Many of them were afraid of being "stuck" somewhere without actually living their life or allowing anything new to happen to them.

When I have this fear, my first instinct in to move also. But I do not. When asking them how long they will stay most of them said they were unsure, "maybe a year or two." I could not help but wonder, "Are you happy here? Why do you only predict you'll only stay for such a short period of time?" I kept thinking, "Where is home to you?" As we drank more I felt brave enough to ask this question of them (since they asked what I was passionate about within minutes of my arrival … I felt I had the right to get a bit personal). Oddly enough most of them cited home as the place they originally came from. Again I could not help but think, "Then why are you running away?" I have come to understand though through keeping friends like Holly's and having a brother who took up traveling as soon as he was old enough, that its not that they are "running away" its just that they are more comfortable running. I assume they find home in pursuing their passion or constant change or a variety of things. Or maybe they are not in pursuit of home at all or just do not feel the need to be located there.

I see home in the route I drive to work from Manayunk to Devon even though it's the Schuylkill and there are not mountains and oceans in the background. I see it in my parent's eyes and the smell of Havertown in the fall. I see it in the way the air changes as you drive over the bridge to the shore and everything in that moment seems right with world. I see it when a friend from high school smiles across the bar, or we tease other in our group of friends not because we are tired of each other but because we just know each other so well. I feel it as the seasons change. I feel it when I drink too much but am not worried that I'd be left alone because I am surrounded by people that have known me well and love me for who I was, who I am, and who I will be. When I am away from this for too long I have this overwhelming homesickness. I enjoy traveling, especially to San Francisco. But as I walked the hills, adapted the architecture and the view that seemed to linger forever, as I walked into places that were often just as foreign to me as the people I was with, I thought of all those people that are "home" To me, I looked down at my t-shirt and could not help but think, "I wish you were here."

As my trip continued I learned even more about the culture of life here in SanFransisco and was able to remain open minded about the pros and cons. What they have provided for each other is a new beginning. They are unable to judge each other on their pasts but they are also unable to be forgiving because of them. They are able to be more understanding and accepting of the person you are not but less likely to understand the person you are. They are not suspicious of new people or exclusive in whom they invite on a night out or a weekend away, but they lack the mentality of a group of friends that is well established and close knit. There is something about the lure of a new beginning, just as there is something beyond compare about an old friend. It all depends on what you need to be happy. And for the most part, although everyone has a story, they all appeared very happy in their new setting. They took so many pictures of so many people on so many trips, I called these "activity weekends" in which they would spontaneously go hiking in Northern California or boating in Sand Diego or skiing in Tahoe. I could not help but feel jealous of the money they must all make to maintain this lifestyle, and how active they remain. I could not help but feel lazy and guilty about the fact that on our weekends … we sit around and drink. I could not help but feel proud of the fact that most of my pictures, however minimal, although not all photographs of beaches or ski slopes, contain images of my closest friends and are snapshots of memories that are significant to our lives in Philadelphia. To say that I know all these people in my pictures seems like an understatement until I came to California and realized how little these people know each other in comparison. It was obvious in the lack of inside jokes, or reminiscing, or the back and forth banter that is characteristic of close friends. I realize that I see safety in a comfort zone, I see loyalty, and I see unconventional love. "Safety," "predictable," "comfort" – these are all words that I now know prompt some people to Run and others to STAY. Maybe we can learn from each other.

As my trip winded down I was surprised to recognize that my longing for home this time was as strong as my desire to stay. While I was here I felt less burdened by the conventions of our day to day life, my outlook seemed more open minded, my thoughts more liberal, my goals more reachable, my mind more free. I had decisions to make, and I was able to do that out there. Maybe that's how you feel on any vacation, but this seemed different somehow. I learned a lot by exploring these two different but equally enticing atmospheres. I definitely need to travel more. When you leave your comfort zone, for any length of time, there is still a lot of courage needed and learning involved. Mine has been invaluable. What I know for sure is that home certainly is, as they say, where the heart is. Mine is in Philadelphia, nurtured and cared for by the people that define my comfort zone. I imagine I will raise children here one day whether or not I meet their father at the Princeton. I imagine that if I move cross country one day I would still need to be surrounded not only by people I love but by the people I love the most. I imagine that when I get home I will take a long walk on Main Street and wear my t-shirt and think of Holly in her great new city. I will think "I wish you were here" but I will know that she is where she should be just as I am where I belong … home.

Copyright 2005 Bridget Nolen

Advance: In this new Mytho, hypnotic strangeness reaches out of the commonplace, to the convincingly, everyday world of reality, yet lures the mind into its deep imaginations.

I became good friends with Nicolai Stein. He was the son of a top chief in Paris, who was quite well off. But soon after I had gotten to know him, his parents had died mysteriously that was, or so it appeared; And somehow he had lost or squandered away most – but not all – his inheritance they had left him; Which was quite a sum I heard. And so he left his Paris home for the Island of Nantucket, off the coast of old Cape Cod. If you were to ask me why, I could not tell you why he selected that particular island.

This island is not huge by no means but has quite a long and enduring history for writers, whalers (of a century past), and artists of today, and so forth and so on. It has its beauty, its lighthouses, and its coblstone streets, which add to its charm; And let's not forget its coffeehouses and historic inns. So by virtue of a most pleasant location, I trust he made a good selection in settling there for, as he said, '… a season,' and for his own reasons.

Nicolai had rented a hotel room at the Manton Coffin House, a fairly three-story, brick mansion built in the mid-l800s. Oh yes, yes, it fit the gracious bygone world, and when he invited me to come live at the hotel – at his expense of course, and finish my book of poetry, I felt most obligated, and accepted immediately his kind gesture; And upon my taking residence there I felt – for the most part, comfortable at once in this sixty-four guestroom complex; With all its modern amenities.

It was here, here where I got to know him quite well, quite well indeed (possibly too well), or at least, so I thought, for does anyone, anyone (emphatically I say!) Really know anyone but himself, and seldom Can we be sure of that over implication.

In Paris we had chummed about, but not much, although he took a liking to me. It took me a bit longer; I actually got to liking him more during the first month at the hotel. Nonetheless, I had learned quite quickly, He was reserved, and seemed well educated; Although he had kept to himself pretty much while in Paris, that is to say, he preferred a quieter life style than I, we got along relatively well. Should you had followed him around on a daily basis (in Paris; as I look back now) I dare say you would find him with his little youthful friend, which I will get to in a moment, but at the time I had categorized him As a kid of protégé of his, of some kind. But as I was about to say, you would have noticed he had a flood of mood changes more rapid than the blinking of stops. And when he was happy, he was ecstatically happy; And when sad, he was quite gray and gloomy, from his brow to his lower of his eyes, to his hunchback positions.

But we had a few things in common, and this is where I feel he picked up a liking for me. He liked to read and write, and was the fastest reader I have yet to make acquaintance with. Nor would I care to compete with him in prose or poetry writing. He always had pens and paper and unfinished manuscripts lying about. Not sure if he ever finished anything, but they were there neverheless. I had read some of his work and it was of a high quality, as I have said before, he was well taught but he wrote on things that to me were in the area of ​​imaginary cosmogony, wondrous phenomena: beyond my comprehension; That, I conclude, unique it may be but not any contribution to mankind or to me, so I left it silent and made no observations to its value, just a few gestures of kindness, to insure our friendship was cemented in good will.

As he walked about Paris, I had noticed he daydreamed feverously, almost to the point he'd get hit by a car had his friend friend not filled him to safety a few times while leaving the curve too soon; Much like here on Nantucket, apart from, the cars here are not as plentiful.

In Paris, He'd stop at his favorite coffee shops, restaurants, like Café de Flora, etcetera: and have his double shot of caffeine, with a little hot milk on the side, and a piece of coffeecake. It was forever the same, a man of habit, as they say; Solely predictable.

His youthful friend's name, so I heard, was Sullivan. Not sure if that was a first or last name – certainly Irish though; It was all he was called. No matter where he'd go, young Sullivan – I'd say about fifteen years old– young Sullivan would follow old Nicolai, like a bloodhound. It was only times when I was by him he'd tell Sullivan to go find something to do, – something to do, other than standby us; He, insuring he was with me alone, for whatever purpose, for we did not talk of anything secret, or worthy of shooing him away.

I had been sleeping when Sullivan had opened the door to my room and woke me up, saying breakfast was about ready: then he proceeded to finish, making the eggs and taste, coffee, for we three lived together in the hotel suite, with separate Room of course, and a kitchenette, so as not to have to run to the restaurant all the time to eat.

Said he, "Nicolai will be home shortly," it was close to noon now, and I had stayed up quite late reading the previous night.

After breakfast, Nicolai proceeded to tell me about his so called little experiment; He seemed quite happy and excited to tell me, trusting I 'd concur with his way of thinking I'm sure. He had cross-bred a rabbit with a rat: "I want you to take a look at it Lee, this morning if possible?" So he asked humbly.

I put my coffee cup down on the table, replied with science: "Are such things possible?" He looked at me a little funny; You know those looks that say: 'seeing is believing.' He was quiet for the rest of the breakfast, and then afterwards he seemed too had gotten some kind manic rush into his system, or blood, insisting now I follow him to see his work of art. I had found myself saying, "Yes, yes, I'm coming," as if we were going to the Opera, or some grand event about to take place within the hour, and we must not be late.

[Looking at the …] "Yes, yes, it really is something …" I admitted to him as he showed me this red serpent tongued creature, that had big eyes like an owl, and ears like a rabbit, teeth Like a rats, tale like a cat. It sat upright, as if its spine was durable to the point of being able to bend and arch it at will, even more so than a human. The tongue was a foot long, while extended outside its mouth. Oh yes, it was a feeble looking creature; Strange and pitiful; It had web feet which looked more like a hoof, than a bunny's foot. It was all of three feet tall; Sometimes seventy pounds.

Nicolai looked at me with a glare, I at him with mortification. The young boy was playing with – what I called in my mind – the hybrid, creature. Not knowing what to say, lost for words, and beyond, and I mean way beyond my own creative fascination; My mouth must have drooped a food, jaw and all. Nicolai could see I was dumbfounded and lost for words. A cold breeze seemed to fill the moment for us three, or was it four now, with the rodent-rabbit-creature on hand. Not knowing what to do, I simply buttoned up my sweater, for we were in an old wooden structure on top of a hill, inside the small village, the barn of sorts, or meeting hall, having a date being built somewhere in the mid To late 1600s, was an old gray wooden building, and it kept a chill to it.

Nicolai walked the creature back into his huge cage, it licked his cheek as if it was quite found of him, so much so, I was much taken by it – some kind of sympathy, or thin-skinned nervousness, overtook me for A moment. I was a bit surprised in his tenderness toward the creature, but I put it aside for the moment, thinking briefly, owners of pets are often kinder to animals than to their fellow man, or can be. Although Nicolai was kind to me, I had never seen him kind to anyone else but Sullivan; He was quite flat with affect, in showing emotions.

Speechless, I started to walk out of the large gray structure, with its old wooden unvarnished floors. Spontaneously, Nicolai burped out of his mouth: "Stop …!" And I appeared to freeze, for some odd reason, some mental evocative force soared in my brain, a hypnotic strangeness buzzed through me, my nervous system stopped like a street car throwing on its breaks – I was blank. "How did you like my … [a pause] rabbit?" This was not a good time to evaluate friendship I claimed myself, but do I lie or tell the truth, at best, it was disgusting, at worse, I had not yet found the word in the dictionary.

"Nicolai," I said with a kind of remorseless voice, "that is no rabbit, it is something but … only God, and maybe you know what!"
This was not what he wanted to her by far – I was not witnessing the burning hurt within his breast. His face got read, his veins in his arms stuck out, his neck muscles appeared to go into contractions – in a beastly way.

We now were outside the building and he was pacing, walking the length of the fence that surrounded the property, which was a good one hundred feet or more, back and forth. Never saying a word but occasionally looking at me as if all was not over. He was mumbling, saying something I could not understand … a different language I'd expect, or so I concluded.

[Two weeks later] I had moved into another room, and the boy had come out of his to talk to me in a nervous kind of way, saying: Nicolai was very sick, and would not get out of bed. I suggested he call the doctor, but for some reason that was out of the question. I should first explain why I moved into the room next to their, and not in their apartment any longer. Nicolai, for some reason did not quite trust me anymore, for whatever he needed to trust me for I did not know at the time. In any case, he suggested I move out, and he'd pay the bill, for he did not want me to move back home, or leave the island, but again, I was not in his full confidence. So now I will return to where I left off. As I was about to say, Sullivan was quite disturbed with Nicolai's condition, and again, the doctor was out of the question, he [He being: the boy Sullivan] would not allow the doctor, any doctor or medicine to visit him.

"What do you expect me to day?" I asked the lad.

Said the boy, with a quivering lip, "You see sir, Nicolai was very proud to show you Nicolai Junior, and I think you hurt him." The boy looked awful pale trying to tell me this. I looked at him as if he was on some kind of drug, having hallucinations.

"The Rabbit sir," said the boy, "is my brother, and Nicolai is our father, we are all crossbred … but with alien blood … from the planet Moiromma, as well as human, we are trying to transform Into a suitable human, and our experiences have not done us well. " I looked aghast – "What!" I said in disbelief; The boy did not like the way I looked at him. He continued, "My father is self procreating, he needs no female; yet, he can pregnant. And should the doctor see his system, it would have been a life for him, my brother and me afterwards."

"We were twins," he continued, "twins until after a few experiments, where I earned the human form, and he did not, he was much more of a rodent before than now …" I said to myself, jokingly, A big mouse had bit him and made him ill, than I looked at his feet, they were fur, and webbed, like the creatures.

It can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling. Skip the roadside restaurants, but instead bring your own food. Pack your cooler with fruits and vegetables, crackers, yogurt, granola bars and cheese. These things are easy to pack, and easy to eat while on the road. Don’t forget the water, it will help you stay hydrated as you drive.

Ditch the fanny pack. Not only do you look the part of a tourist, a fanny pack is often easy pickings for a thief. If you crave the convenience of the fanny pack, consider getting a multi-pocket travel vest instead. These carry just as much but keep the items close to your body where they are safer.

Did you know that you can use snow to do a quick cleanup on your vehicle while you are traveling? A car wash would work better but snow works quite well in a pinch. It will remove the mud that got all over your rental vehicle when you ventured onto that back road. It also works well to get grime buildup off of your windshield in an emergency.

When you’re searching online for the best deals on flights, don’t go straight to the airline’s web site or even to a booking site. Instead, start with one of the numerous search sites that will scan multiple airline and booking sites and find the best deal for you. You may want to make use of more than one of these sites, to make sure you don’t miss out on the lowest fare.

Avoid taking ignorant risks, by thinking that it is okay to speed when on a road trip. It’s not fun to get pulled over, arrested or to have to cancel or severely stall your trip, in order to pay a speeding ticket. Your trip is supposed to be fun, but you’re not above the laws of the road, especially when they can endanger the lives of other people.

Check out last minute travel deals. If you have the flexibility in schedule and destination, you can save a lot of money by booking your travel at the last minute. Many hotels and airlines drastically reduce prices for dates in the near future to fill seats and rooms that will otherwise go empty.

Before embarking on an overseas vacation, check what documentation is necessary for travel to your destination. Different country pairs require different documentation, including visas. Visa requirements will also differ based on how long you plan to remain in that country. In many cases, if you travel without a visa you are attempting to enter that country illegally.

Make sure to confirm your lodging reservation before you even leave for your trip. This is especially important when using the internet to make a reservation because even though you may have requested a room by email, it is possible that the hotel or other accommodation, has not received your request.

Weighing your checked bags before you arrive at the airport can save you money and frustration. Many airlines charge an extra $50 or more for checked bags weighing over 50lbs. This can result in spending more money, or having to leave items behind. Put your luggage on a scale at home before you head to the airport to save yourself a headache!

As you look through reviews of hotel rooms, musicals, attractions, and airlines, pay close attention to the dates of each review before taking the contents at face value. A review written five years ago might be based on factors that may have changed in the meantime, like operating hours, main events, management, or pricing.

To save energy when traveling in hilly or mountainous areas, consider taking a taxi to the highest point in the town or area you’re visiting, then walk down. This lets you see the whole town, including any mountain vistas, without having to cover too much altitude and wearing yourself out.

When traveling in remote areas by car there is not always a convenience stop at every mile marker. When you are traveling with children, in particular, this can be very problematic. Take along a sheet so you can drape it over the open doors of your vehicle to give them some semblance of privacy when you have to make that emergency pit stop on the side of the road.

Bring some extra zip top plastic bags in your luggage. They are useful for keeping wet or muddy items away from the rest of your luggage, for storage of toiletries that could spring a leak, or for sitting on a dirty park bench. They take up almost no room and can save you from discomfort later.

When traveling with your pet, there are several items you need to remember to bring with you. You need to make sure your pet is always wearing a collar with your name and phone number on it. You will also need proof of vaccinations and any proper licenses. Last, but not least, you should travel with your pet’s favorite toys.

Take earplugs for flights and hotel stays. With the right level of noise blocking you can eliminate the volume that accompanies airplane travel. Also sleeping in hotels in an unfamiliar location can be hit or miss as far as the outside noise level. These earplugs can be the difference in a good night’s sleep or a grouchy morning.

When you plan your road trip, it is in your best interest to research any roadwork that may be happening along the way. When you do this bit of homework you can avoid potential traffic delays by having established possible detours that can get you out of the situation. Use a mobile device for current traffic updates as you approach these areas.

It is essential to join a car-rental club before traveling. While hotel loyalty programs give you various “extras” like free breakfast, car-rental clubs help you avoid long lines and eliminate endless paperwork. They also keep you from constantly getting up-sold. A car-rental club helps you avoid stress and frustration, leading to a better traveling experience.

When staying at a wedding hotel that offers a digital alarm clock, check both the time and the alarm when you first arrive. It is a common prank to pre-set the alarm to extremely early times, or to fiddle with the time displayed on the clock. Late at night when you go to bed, you may not realize your clock is 30 minutes fast or slow.

If you’re staying in a hotel and you like coffee, don’t use the tap water to make it. Instead, get some ice from the ice machine and put it in the coffee maker the night before to melt. The ice machines use filtered water so you’ll get better tasting coffee!

If you are arriving in a new city and don’t yet feel comfortable there, consider asking if your castle hotel provides an airport pickup service. This will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of baggage porters and taxi lines which trap many first time travelers. It also ensures you don’t get lost in the city and go straight to your hotel.

After you decide on a travel destination, be sure to check user reviews on local hotels before you secure your reservations. Gather these from multiple sources, including magazines, websites and guidebooks. Also ask the hotel to send you pictures of the type of room that you will be staying in. Doing your research will help you avoid unexpected surprises when you get to your destination.

If you are a light sleeper, a pair of earplugs can really help. Sometimes hotel walls seem tissue paper thin. A good pair of earplugs (or multiple pairs of disposable earplugs) can block out the extra noise and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

Remember to bring all necessary paperwork with you when traveling. Other than your passport and identification, it is important that you bring the name, address and phone number of the hotel in which you are staying. Have it readily available in your handbag or or your carry bag, so you can give the taxi driver the appropriate information.

If you are traveling to the beach or staying at a hotel with a pool, pack your swimsuit in your beach bag. It can sometimes be difficult to sort through everything you have packed. To save time, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and anything else you might need for the beach or pool in a beach bag.

If you are staying at a hotel while traveling, be sure to figure out where all of the emergency exits are located. You never know when there might be a fire drill or even a fire. Your map reading skills aren’t going to be at their best when you are woken by the alarm at 4 AM, so it’s better to know in advance.

You can save more money to use on your trip by comparing all prices available for all your expenses. Search online or ask friends if they know of any deals for the location you wish to travel to. You might also want to travel during the week to reduce flight and hotel prices giving you more money to spend exploring.

These ideas can easily apply to your business adventures, your special family getaway, or a romantic jaunt with your lover. If you keep these tips in mind, as you go forward with your travel plans, you will find that you will spend less time on making it happen, and more time enjoying your travels.

Life in and of itself can prove to be very stressful at times,however, more often than not the holiday season can stir up quite a lot of stress. For most of us, the holidays includes too much time fighting traffic, spending way too much on our credit cards, entertaining relatives and pretending to be thrilled when we receive yet another George Foreman grill. It’s no wonder that in an effort to pull off the perfect Disney holiday you might find yourself facing an overwhelming array of chores, shopping, baking, cleaning, etc. and you have to manage to get it all done either on your days off or after work. This year, you can make it a point to enjoy the holidays more by simplifying some of the work, while maintaining what makes the holidays special: The Love and fellowship with friends and loved ones. Here are some tips to help you cope with, or even avoid holiday stress:

ASK HELP FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS Putting up a Christmas tree and other decorations can be exhausting. Asking family and friends to help is one of the best ways to save energy and have a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. If everybody in your family gets along, consider yourself blessed. But if your family is full of friction, the holidays can become very unpleasant. You can clear the atmosphere by involving everyone in the planning and decision making. Make it a party. Serve food and refreshments and have fun.

GO EASY ON ALCOHOL A stiff glass of eggnog can be a good way to toast the holiday, but don’t go overboard. Too much alcohol will only add to your stress.

KNOW YOUR SPENDING LIMIT Much of the stress of the holiday season comes from feeling pressured to buy bigger and better gifts for those we love, even if this puts us in debt. If you are a Grandparent like I am, this can be an especially challenging temptation. Expensive gifts won’t guarantee a happy holiday. Even children will be grateful for moderately priced gifts that are chosen with care.

START YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT SHOPPING EARLY People sometimes postpone holiday shopping until the last minute, but shopping early you can avoid the stress of dealing with crowded stores and parking lots, traffic jams,cold, snowy weather,etc.

DO YOUR SHOPPING ONLINE Shopping for gifts online is an ideal way to buy gifts for friends and family. You can check your list and see how many gifts you can purchase at the same online gift store, and try to get all of your shopping done at once. Many gift store websites offer great sales and discounts, especially during the holiday season. Don’t stress yourself out wondering what gift to get for someone who has everything. You can purchase Gift Cards in different denominations, place them in a Christmas greeting card and you have the perfect gift for people of all ages.Save money, save on gas, and shop from the comfort of your home.

KEEP MOVING Exercise is always a great stress reliever. Instead of watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the 100th time, grab your favorite cousin and go for a brisk walk.It will improve your heart health and it’s a great way to shed those extra calories from eating too much of Aunt Mary’s German chocolate cake.

I hope this holiday season finds you happy, healthy, calm and peaceful. Give these tips a try, and I guarantee you’ll have less stress and more fun!!

Happy Holidays!!

Seychelles is a made up of about 155 islands in the Indian Ocean. In this Island you can find white sand beaches with small local population and bounty of luxury facilities. The island is known to be a romantic and memorable place and is also known to have the largest population of the seabirds in the entire world.

Seychelles is a favorite wedding location. Are you planning to skip a church wedding and do a beach wedding instead? Then Seychelles is the best place for you. Seychelles is known as a tropical paradise which is surrounded with crystal clear sea waters and also an island with smooth sandy beaches.

There are a wide variety of places you can choose from and all of these places in Seychelles are ideal wedding venues. You can have your wedding at the majority of the hotels in Praslin and Mahe or you can have it in the Sainte Anne Resort & Spa. Places like La Digue, Bird Island, Denis Island, Cousine Island, Fregate Island and Alphonse are also all ideal for wedding venues.

The best time to get married in Seychelles is in the late afternoon because the light during these times is ideal for photography and the temperatures are cooler.

For your honeymoon, North Island would simply be the best place. The North Island is the newest luxury hide-away of Seychelles. It is tucked behind a tree line located on the Anse d'est beach. You can enjoy both barefoot elegance and privacy in this secluded sanctuary. There are eleven villas all built with local stone wood and the interiors are decorated with some natural tones and as well as with elegant touches such as marble balinese bath and tropical ceiling fans. Nine of the villas are located on the shoreline and the other two can be found at the granite hill which is located in the north end of the beach. What makes the north island a natural elegant romantic place are the piazza and Indian almond tree.

If you are looking for a place with a breath taking nature reserves for your wedding venue, Seychelles is the best choice. You could not simply ask for more! And as for your honeymoon, North Island is the perfect place. As for a romantic getaway, these two islands are the perfect candidates!